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Shelley the hyperactive turtle ISBN: 9781890627751
Moss, Deborah M. and Schwartz, Carol
Published by Woodbine House, 2006
Shelley is very different from the other turtles because he simply can't stay still. He's 'handsome and smart', but he creates chaos in the classroom and on the school bus, and he's not allowed to play with the other turtles because their parents find him a 'troublemaker'. He breaks things too, and sometimes his parents get angry. He doesn't understand why he does these things, and he becomes so sad that he retreats into his shell and feels that he is a 'bad little turtle'. Mum takes him to the doctor, who runs tests and announces the problem is ADHD. He takes 'a little pill' each morning and sometimes visits a therapist. He is still 'a little wiggly and jumpy inside', but he now knows he isn't bad and he has more friends. The illustrations are great fun with lots of greens and yellows as befits turtle-land. An American product, the book is available in the U.K. from Gazelle - email: - Tel: 01524 68765.
Age: 5+