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Striker, Slow Down!: A calming book for children who are always on the go ISBN: 9781848193277
Hughes, Emma and Smisson, John
Published by Singing Dragon, 2016
'Striker the cat was the busiest cat, rushing to this and running to that.' Striker makes everyone dizzy with his over-activity and only stops for meals and for bed. He can't understand why his mum tells him to 'SLOW DOWN' and is quite, quite sure that he is just fine the way he is. 'I love being busy. I'm wild, I'm free!' It is only when he rushes too much and falls and bumps his head that he begins to realise that mum might have a point. She and Striker sit and enjoy relaxing together, and she explains that there are lots of ways of being 'wild and free', that just being still and breathing quietly can have the effect of being internally 'wild and free'. Part of the recent mindfulness movement, this book will prove excellent at helping overactive children relax and learn to be themselves in quietness as well as in activity. There is no mention of ADHD as such, but the story is certainly aimed at any child who is hyperactive. The rhymes are fun (if sometimes a tad out of sync) and the illustrations are a delight - charming and full of Striker's busy-ness. Available from Amazon, from good book shops and from the publisher:
Age: 3+