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Zak has ADHD ISBN: 9781902463889
Fox, Woody and Leigh, Jenny
Published by Red Kite (Doctor Spot Case Book series), 2005
Zak Zebra has a problem. In school he is often rude and noisy; he has a very short attention span, and the teachers find him very difficult. On a school trip he causes all sorts of ructions. One particular teacher realises the problem might be deeper and sends him and his parents to see Doctor Spot, who in turn sends them to a child psychiatrist, Doctor Chimpanzee. Zak has ADHD and after tests and explanations and medication (unspecified), Zak begins to get better. One of an excellent series of books about childhood health problems that, because it focuses on animals instead of people, helps children see their problems in perspective. The bright, comic-style illustrations are appealing, and the approach is altogether helpful. Two pages of information for parents at the end provide a useful addition. Approved by ADDISS - ADHD Information Services.
Age: 5+