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Little Mole is a Whirlwind ISBN: 9781787412316
Fenollar, Marta (trans.) and Llenas, Anna
Published by Templar Publishing, 2018
ADHD is not mentioned in this funny, but also very telling, picture book about a hyperactive little mole. All is well when Little Mole is asleep, but when he wakes up, oh my! He is indeed a whirlwind, and, 'He bounds! He bounces! He bellows! Everything distracts him, in school he does everything but listen. Fidgeting is a speciality, as well as forgetfulness, and his parents and teacher are all exhausted. Furthermore, his schoolmates avoid him and call him names. This makes Little Mole very sad. His parents find an advert in the newspaper for a teacher, Serena, the Forest Bunny, and when they contact her, she thinks she may be able to help. She agrees to try, and after-school lessons are soon organised. She and Little Mole do all sorts of things together, and after some time he begins to find things he really likes to concentrate on. Serena represents a therapist, and she has the patience to talk at great length with the poor little mole, who finds her 'serene' like her name, and not easily put out by his usual antics. He even manages his end of year school project by making a huge cake for everyone, cooking being his new 'passion'. Serena tells him, 'you are wonderful just the way you are.' The illustrations are special too, full of incorporated text, lots of pasted-on bits and comic characters that can be both happy and sad. A wonderful and original production.
Age: 5+