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ADHD Is Our Superpower : The Amazing Talents and Skills of Children with ADHD ISBN: 9781787757301
Camargo, Adriana and Lazarus, Soli
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2021
The emphasis is on the positive in this story of thirteen children who each have ADHD, their 'superpowers' that each one says are important to them. Each child is very different in their interests, their pluses and minuses so far as their condition is concerned, and their approach to school work and life at home; they also admit to occasional challenging behaviour. The honesty of these 13 kids is remarkable. Many different things are mentioned in each story, problems such as, sibling jealousy, anger, fears and worries, needing to move constantly, and needing space and quiet for school work. As I read all thirteen of these individual stories, I was often aware that some of the children were showing signs of dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia or dyscalculia, so it was no surprise to find that these conditions can be found sometimes in children with ADHD. Rather unfortunately, I thought, these conditions are known as Co-Morbid! A professional term, no doubt, which is not given by the children themselves but in a section at the end that covers such things as: People who can help, How grown-ups can help, A list of things that can help at school, and a Juicy Bonus for parents! The 'juicy bonus' contains a number of free materials that the author has published on a special website There is also a list of books for adults to read and a list of useful websites. The very final thing is an advertisement by the author for her Consultancy on ADHD, with her website mentioned and some further information found on it. The illustrations are very relatable and charming, and children will enjoy getting to know these thirteen kids who exhibit such very different traits and interests. Something for everyone on the Spectrum. Available from Amazon, from Hive, from bookshops, and from the publisher:
Age: 7+