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New baby in the family

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-Pingu and the new baby3+
Adamson, Gareth and Adamson, JeanTopsy andTim: The New Baby3+
Ahlberg, Allan and Ahlberg, JanetThe Baby's Catalogue2+
Alizadeh, Kate and Morgan, AngieThat Is Actually MY Blanket, Baby!3+
Allan, NicholasHilltop Hospital4+
Allen, Jonathan and Brown, AlanI am a dog3+
Anderson, Rachel and Harter, DebbieHello Peanut!2+
Andrea, Shavick and Hard, CharlotteThe truth about babies5+
Andreae, Giles and Cabban, VanessaThere's a house inside my mummy3+
Andreae, Giles and Dodd, EmmaI Love You, Baby2+
Anholt, CatherineAren't you lucky?3+
Anholt, Catherine and LaurenceSophie and the new baby3+
Atinuke and Tobia, LaurenDouble Trouble for Anna Hibiscus!3+
Ayliffe, Alex and Moon, NicolaSomething special3+
Ayto, Russell and Cottringer, AnneElla and the naughty lion3+
Barber, NicolaA New Baby Arrives (Big Day)
Barton, Jill and Hest, AmyYou're the boss, Baby Duck!3+
Barton, Jill and Waddell, MartinIt's quacking time3+
Baskerville, Judith and Matthews, JennyNew baby5+
Bayley, Nicola and Woelfle, GretchenKatje the windmill cat3+
Beardshaw, Rosalind and McQuinn, AnnaLulu Reads to Zeki2+
Bedford, David and Freeman, TorBabies Don't Bite3+
Bergman, Mara and Maland, NickOliver and the Noisy Baby3+
Binch, Caroline and Henderson, KathyNew born3+
Birkinshaw, Marie and Henley, ClaireNew baby18 months+
Birmingham, Christian and Whybrow, IanA baby for Grace2+
Blume, JudySuperfudge9+
Bradman, Tony and Breeze, LynnOur baby2+
Braun, Sebastien and Lobel, GillToo small for honey cake2+
Breeze, LynneThis little baby's new baby18 months+
Bright, RachelMy Sister is an Alien!2+
Brooks, Ron and Wild, MargaretRosie and Tortoise4+
Brown, MarcArthur's baby4+
Brown, MarcArthur's new baby book3+
Bruna, DickMiffy and the new baby2+
Burningham, John and Oxenbury, HelenThere's Going to Be a Baby3+
Busby, Ailie and Reid, CamillaLulu and the Noisy Baby2+
Byrne, Beth and Harrison, Anne-marieBabies Are Noisy: A Book for Big Brothers and Sisters Including Those on the Autism Spectrum4+
Camp, Lindsay and Utton, PeterBilly and the Barglebogle4+
Capdevila, Roser and Vendrell, Maria Martinez iA brother for Celia3+
Cartwright, Stephen and Civardi, AnneThe new baby3+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Roy, JacquelineBeing Ben6+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Umansky, KayeThis is Jane, Jim3+
Chessa, Francesca and Shipton, JonathanBaby Baby Blah Blah Blah!6+
Child, LaurenThe New Small Person3+
Clark, Emma ChichesterNo more kissing3+
Clarke, GusAlong came Eric3+
Climo, LizYou're Loved5+
Cole, BabetteTruelove3+
Cole, Joanna and Kightley, RosalindaI'm a big sister2+
Cooper, HelenLittle Monster did it!3+
Cousins, LucyZa-Za's baby brother3+
Dale, Penny and Waddell, MartinRosie's Babies2+
Dale, Penny and Waddell, MartinWhen the teddy bears came2+
Dangerfield, Ellie and O'Loughlin, ElizabethA new baby came home5+
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, JaneOur New Baby5+
Dewan, TedCrispin and the 3 little piglets3+
Dollin, Laura and Rosato, AmeliaOur new baby2+
Dunbar, Joyce and Varley, SusanThe spring rabbit3+
Dunbar, PollySomething Fishy6+
Dunmore, HelenBrother, brother, sister, sister10+
Dupasquier, Philippe and Wilson, JacquelineTwin trouble6+
East, JacquelineEd's new baby sister2+
Edwards, Hazel and Niland, DeborahHey Hippopotamus do babies eat cake too?3+
Elgar, Rebecca and French, VivianTiger and the new baby3+
Elliott, RebeccaMr Super Poopy Pants4+
Emberley, Michael and Harris, Robie H.Hi new baby2+
Endersby, FrankMy baby sister2+
Endersby, FrankThe nuisance2+
Endersby, FrankWaiting for baby2+
Endersby, FrankWhat about me?2+
Fairclough, Chris and Hunter, RebeccaMy new sister3+
Fearnley, JanA special something3+
Fitzpatrick, Marie-LouiseSilly Baby2+
Gannon, Ned and Wojahn, Rebecca HogueEvan Early3+
Gardner, Sally and Thomas, FrancesPolly's running away book6+
Gleeson, Libby and James, AnnHannah plus one8+
Gliori, DebiMr. Bear's new baby2+
Gliori, DebiWhere did that baby come from?3+
Gordon, Mike and Green, JenI'm Important Too!3+
Graham, BobBrand new baby3+
Gray, Kes and Nayler, SarahEver so, ever so3+
Green, JenHow do I feel about our new baby6+
Green, JenOur New Baby (Thoughts and Feelings)6+
Green, Julia and Howard, PaulTilly's Moonlight Fox8+
Gutman, Anne and Hallensleben, GeorgLily and the new baby5+
Haddadi, Hoda and Kidney, ChristineNew Baby and Me, The6+
Hains, HarrietMy baby brother2+
Hall, Algy CraigFine as We Are3+
Harper, Anita and McQuillan, MaryIt's not fair!3+
Heap, Sue and Hendry, DianaThe thing in a box4+
Heap, Sue and Hendry, DianaThe thing-on-two-legs4+
Heap, Sue and Lloyd-Jones, SallyHow To Be a Baby by Me, the Big Sister4+
Hedderwick, MairiKatie Morag and the tiresome ted4+
Henkes, KevinJulius, the baby of the world3+
Hewitt, SallyOur New Baby (How Can I Deal With?)6+
Hoban, Lillian and Hoban, RussellA baby sister for Frances3+
Horne, Sarah and Stanley, Malaika RoseSpike and Ali Enson8+
Hubery, Julia and Julian, SeanWho Loves Baby?2+
Hughes, MonicaMy first brother or sister3+
Hutchins, PatThe very worst monster3+
Josey, Ruth and Powell, JillianMy New Sister3+
Joy, Margaret and Kronheimer, AnnAddy the Baddy and the baby4+
Keller, HollyGeraldine's baby brother2+
Kennemore, TimSabine9+
Kerr, JudithMog and the baby2+
Kopper, Lisa, Petty, Kate and Pipe, JimThe New Baby (My First Time)3+
Lasky, Kathryn and Plecas, JenniferLove that baby!3+
Layton, Neal and Rosen, MichaelHowler3+
Li, Amanda and Williamson, MelanieI'm a New Big Sister: A Princess Polly book (Pirate Pete & Princess Polly)2+
Llewellyn, Claire and Lovsin, PolonaGo Away, Baby! (Start Reading: Baby & Me)2+
Llewellyn, Claire and Lovsin, PolonaIs it for Me? (Start Reading: Baby & Me)2+
Magorian, Michelle and Usher, SamThe Smile (Little Gems)6+
Maisner, Heather and Stephenson, KristinaOur new baby3+
Massey, Jane and Rock, LoisNow we have a baby2+
McAleenan, Kevin and Simon, FrancescaDon't be horrid, Henry3+
McAllister, Margaret and Sterling, Holly15 Things Not to Do with a Baby3+
McCormick, Wendy and Williams, SophyThe night you were born3+
Meisel, Paul and Shields, Carol DiggoryI wish my brother was a dog4+
Meisel, Paul and Sullivan, SarahDear baby - Letters from your big brother5+
Metcalf, Paula and Shields, GillianOur stripy baby4+
Murphy, MaryPlease be quiet!2+
Nascimbeni, BarbaraBella and the new baby2+
Newman, Marjorie and Wilson-Max, KenJust like you did2+
Offen, HildaGood girl, Gracie Growler!4+
Oram, Hiawyn and Rees, MaryLittle brother and the cough3+
Peacock, Lou and Pym, ChristineToby and the Tricky Things4+
Percival, TomTilda Tries Again5+
Raum, ElizabethNew Brothers and Sisters (Tough Topics)6+
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, JonTom, Ally and the new baby2+
Saltzberg, BarneyCornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready for Baby?3+
Scheidl, Gerda Marie and Unzner, ChristaTommy's new sister4+
Sheibani, JionJaz and the New Baby6+
Singer, NickyThe Flask11+
Snell, NigelClare's new baby brother2+
Starling, RobertFergal Meets Fern3+
Stephens, HelenThe Night Iceberg3+
Sullivan, JennyThe Great Granny Hunt9+
Tharlet, Eve and Weninger, BrigitteWill you mind the baby, Davy?3+
Thompson, Carol and Wishinsky, FriedaOonga boonga2+
Vulliamy, ClaraEllen and Penguin and the new baby3+
Vulliamy, ClaraThe Bear with Sticky Paws and the New Baby3+
Walsh, MelanieMinnie and her baby brother3+
Walters, CatherinePlay gently, Alfie Bear!2+
Williams, SusanPoppy's first year3+
Wolf, Alex DeWhat about me?2+