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Anderson, Laura Ellen and Burnell, CerrieSnowflakes.4+
Anstey, Caroline and Donovan, Mary LeeSnuffles makes a friend4+
Brooker, Jo and Medina, SarahLonely (Feelings)5+
Brooker, Jo and Medina, SarahShy (Feelings)5+
Browne, AnthonyVoices In The Park5+
Bryant-Mole, Karen and Gordon, MikeI'm shy5+
Chandler, Richy K.Lucy the Octopus10+
Coelho, Joseph and Colpoys, AllisonMy Beautiful Voice6+
Collins, Peggy and Griffiths, NeilShaun the Shy Shark3+
Creech, Sharon and Horne, SarahSaving Winslow7+
Cumming, HannahThe Cloud5+
Currey, Anna and Umansky, KayeSophie and the wonderful picture5+
Damon, EmmaMartha's friends4+
Dickens, Frances and Hudspith, PeterThe Giant from Nowhere5+
Eagleton, Ian and Mayhew, JamesNen and the Lonely Fisherman5+
Egneus, Daniel and Meddour, WendyLubna and Pebble5+
Entrekin, Alison (Translator) and Furnari, EvaFuzz McFlops6+
Foreman, Michael and Morpurgo, Sir MichaelLucky Button9+
Freedman, Claire and Hindley, KateOliver and Patch3+
Garland, Sally AnneNook4+
Gordon, Mike and Moses, BrianSophie Shyosaurus (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too)4+
Helmore, Jim and Jones, RichardThe Snow Lion4
Holzwarth, DevonFound You3+
Hughes, ShirleyDon't Want to Go!3+
James, SimonLeon and Bob6+
Jarman, Julia and Varley, SusanTwo Shy Pandas3+
Johnson, JaneTiger3+
Keay, Claire and Thomas, Pat Leave Me Alone! (A First Look at...)5+
Laird, ElizabethThe Misunderstandings of Charity Brown10+
Lees, Helen and Stern, JulianCan I tell you about Loneliness?: A guide for friends, family and professionals7+
Levete, SarahHow do I feel about loneliness and making friends6+
Lindstrom, Eva and Marshall, JuliaEveryone Walks Away6+
Lively, PenelopeA Stitch in Time (Essential Modern Classics) (Collins Modern Classics)9+
Lucas, DavidHalibut Jackson4+
Mackesy, CharlieThe Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse8+
Merrick, AnneHannah's ghost9+
Pef and Tibo, GillesShy Guy4+
Percival, TomThe invisible8+
Poli, Giuseppe and Wallace, AdamInvisible Jerry6+
Prime, A.A.(trans) and Thore, Maria NilssonA Pack of Your Own8+
Redford, Ali and Simpson, KaraThe Mermaid Who Couldn't6+
Sif, BirgittaFrances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance4+
Smith, Emily and Smith, WendyThe shrimp7+
Staake, BobBluebird8+
Stephens, HelenBlue Horse and Tilly3+