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Oliver and Patch ISBN: 9780857079534
Freedman, Claire and Hindley, Kate
Published by Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, 2015
Oliver has just moved from the country to a flat in the big city, and he is feeling very lonely and sad: 'I miss the green fields...I miss the wide open spaces. Most of all, I miss my friends.' He seems to be a small boy, but there is no evidence of parents or family, and he is very much on his own. When he finds a little white dog with a red lead and a collar with a tag that says Patch, he befriends the dog and they become very close. Oliver realises, though, that when night comes, Patch is feeling lonely and sad, and he decides that he must try to find the little dog's owner. He puts up posters but with no results, and he is hopeful that he will be able to keep his friend. One day, Patch runs off, and when Oliver runs after him, he discovers a sad little girl sitting on a swing in the park, and her delight at reunion with Patch proves she is the dog's rightful owner. They all become friends, of course, and Patch has become the catalyst to bring them together. The story is beautiful in both text and illustrations, and the details in the pictures will provide hours of looking and enjoyment. A super work of art as well as a sensitive, gentle story about loss and friendship.
Age: 3+