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The Snow Lion ISBN: 9781471162244
Helmore, Jim and Jones, Richard
Published by Simon & Schuster Children's UK, 2017
Caro and her mum have just moved to 'a house on a hill', and when they see it for the first time, Caro notices that all the walls are very white. She explores, but feels lonely, and having a vivid imagination, she hears a voice saying, 'How about a game of hide and seek?' Turning around, she sees a big, soft, friendly white lion. Amazed, she wants to know where he came from. He shows her how he can fade in and out from the white walls, and she is entranced. Together they play lots of games, and Caro is no longer lonely. But she is shy, and when the lion suggests that she might like to try using the slide in the park, she is hesitant. She has already seen other children playing there, and her shyness makes her want to avoid them. Besides, she would rather stay with the lion. Gently he tells her that he will still be there when she gets back, and off she goes. While there she meets Bobby, who is friendly, and who invites her out to play with his other friends. The lion is encouraging, and she has a super time at Bobby's house. When she gets home, mum says she thinks it's time they put more colour on their walls, and while Caro is doubtful about this, mum has already invited her new friends around for a painting party. Caro is saddened that she won't be able to see the lion any more, but when snow comes, there he is, and she knows she will be able to find him whenever he is needed. A lovely, delicate picture book that will particularly appeal to the imaginative child who finds it difficult to make friends in new situations. Both text and pictures are outstanding, full of magic and sensitivity.
Age: 4