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Cerebral palsy

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Avery, Michael and Knight, JackieSparky - a very special teddy bear4+
Craven, June and Willey, BeeSo do I!10+
Flint, HelenNot just rescuing11+
Gavin, JamilaThe wormholers11+
Levete, SarahCerebral Palsy (Explaining)10+
Lewis, GillWhite Dolphin10+
Little, JeanMine for keeps10+
Morpurgo, MichaelThe ghost of Grania O'Malley10+
O'Sullivan, NoreenI'll Tell You Why I Can't Wear Those Clothes!: Talking about Tactile Defensiveness4+
Pimm, PaulLiving with Cerebral Palsy9+
Sachar, LouisSmall Steps (Bloomsbury Educational Editions)11+
Stanton, Katie and Stanton, MarionCan I Tell You about Cerebral Palsy?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals9+
Townsend, JohnThe Stone Balancer 11+
Trueman, TerryStuck in neutral11+