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Can I Tell You about Cerebral Palsy?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals ISBN: 9781849054645
Stanton, Katie and Stanton, Marion
Published by Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2014
Sophie is 13 and has a severe form of Cerebral Palsy. She can't talk or use her arms or legs, but she is very smart and 'with it', and uses a VOCA, a talking computer. She does this by focusing on the words on a screen. She explains lots about the various forms of CP and how the different parts of the brain can affect the parts of the body. There is a good diagram of how this works. She also explains other kinds of computer equipment and how her friends use them. She has lots of help: a personal assistant, a teaching assistant, people who help with sport, a physio, and an occupational therapist. She explains a lot about difficulties other than with communication, like absence seizures, needing a feeding tube part of the time, some problems sleeping or going to the toilet, and she tells us about her friends problems too. Sophie is a positive lass, and looks forward to doing design work on her computer and to leading a full life. She doesn't want to be babied, and is well on the way to independence - and to becoming a disability rights supporter. There are tips for families, for teachers and teaching assistants, for personal assistants and carers and for professionals and therapists, and at the very end of the book there is a comprehensive international lists of charities and organisations for support. Available from Amazon, from good book shops, and from the publisher at
Age: 9+