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Cerebral Palsy (Explaining) ISBN: 9780749682569
Levete, Sarah
Published by Franklin Watts, 2008
One of an impressive series of books on various health problems and disabilities. In this one, we learn about cerebral palsy - what it is, the causes, how it is diagnosed; the support one can get (both physical and technical); ways of helping communication; how it affects everyday life, school, and the family; how adults cope; the different levels of cp and what this can mean to those caring for children and adults with the condition; the importance of raising awareness and of disability rights; and some of the research and technological advances that may help in the future. Case studies are both honest and positive, but the problems are not underestimated. Excellent photos and diagrams, as well as a good index, a glossary and a list of websites and further reading, make this good for school project work, but it also would be an excellent starting point for families with a newly-diagnosed child.
Age: 10+