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The ghost of Grania O'Malley ISBN: 9780749746919
Morpurgo, Michael
Published by Egmont
Jessie is not allowed to climb the Big Hill with the rest of her class because everyone knows she can't do it. After all, she has cerebral palsy. But Jessie is determined, not to say stubborn, and climb it she does with difficulty and only the family donkey for company. While there, she meets the ghost of Grania O'Malley, a sixteenth century pirate queen who ruled the west coast of Ireland with her band of pirates. Grania is impressed with Jessie's determination, and she enlists her help to save the Big Hill which is about to be destroyed by money-mad gold seekers. Jessie's American cousin, Jack, is brought into the plot while on a visit. He has troubles as well. His mum has left home, and dad in New York is very ill. While he begins by being difficult, he and Jessie soon have their adventure well in hand. Jessie worries about her own parents' disagreements over the fate of Big Hill, but all comes well in the end, thanks to Grania O'Malley, Jessie's courage and a good dollop of magic. She hates her 'cerebral lousy palsy', but she doesn't let it stop her. A grand read!
Age: 10+