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Sparky - a very special teddy bear ISBN: 9781857762792
Avery, Michael and Knight, Jackie
Published by The Book Guild, 1998
Jackie Knight has cerebral palsy and has written these stories about Sparky so that others will understand what it is like for a child with c.p. In spite of an old-fashioned air and a rather stilted prose style, there is much good here. The stories are about everyday occurences - a hospital appointment, swimming day, going to the library, hunting for Easter eggs, sports day at school, the village fete, etc. - and we see Sparky and his loving family coping with his 'floppy arms and legs'. It is honest about the things he cannot do and ways he can be helped, and it is also honest about some people being unkind. The emphasis is on how special Sparky is, something his parents make clear. The book would make good bedtime story reading as the individual stories are self-contained. Not exciting, but gently reassuring. There are black and white line drawings at the beginning of each chapter.
Age: 4+