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Abrams, Douglas Carlton, Ford, A.G. and Tutu, Archbishop DesmondDesmond and the Very Mean Word7+
Agee, JonThe Wall In the Middle of the Book4+
Alko, Selina, Latham, Irene, Qualls, Sean and Waters, CharlesCan I Touch Your Hair?8+
Ashley, BernardThe trouble with Donovan Croft10+
Bailey, Ella and Hussain, NadiyaToday I’m Strong4+
Baugh, Helen and Deuchars, MarionThe Spots and the Dots.4+
Binch, Caroline and Hoffman, MaryAmazing Grace Anniversary Edition: Over 1 MILLION copies sold worldwide5+
Curnick, Pippa and Rauf, Onjali Q.The Boy At the Back of the Class9+
DePrince, Elaine, DePrince, Michaela and Okstad, EllaBallerina Dreams6+
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, JaneDealing with Racism5+
Gravett, EmilyCyril and Pat3+
Green, JenRacism (Thoughts and Feelings)7+
Harker, Lesley and Thomas, PatRacism: The Skin I'm in (A First Look at...)6+
Heuchon, Claire and Shukla, NikeshWhat is Race? Who are Racists? Why Does Skin Colour Matter? And Other Big Questions11+
Hewitt, SallyRacism (How Can I Deal with...?)6+
Levette, SarahBeing an Immigrant (Talking About)8+
Mafaridik, Nasaya and Mian, ZanibPlanet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet8+
McLaughlin, TomAlong Came a Different4+
Rai, BaliDream On11+
Senker, CathRacism (Talk About)11+
Slater, KimA Seven-Letter Word11+