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Minor illness

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-Pingu stays in bed3+
Adamson, Jean and GarethTopsy and Tim have itchy heads4+
Barrett, Virginia and Pattison, AndrewClare has an ear infection3+
Barrett, Virginia and Pattison, AndrewSam has bronchitis4+
Bradman, Tony and Browne, EileenThrough my window4+
Brown, MarcArthur's chicken pox3+
Brownlow, MikeI've got nits4+
Bruna, DickPoppy Pig is sick2+
Burroughes, Jo and Rogers, Paul and EmmaThe get better book3+
Chambers, Mark and Powell, JillianChickenpox (Tilly and Todd)3+
Chapman, Jane and Wilson, KarmaBear Feels Ill3+
Clarke, GusBetty's not well today4+
Clarke, JaneBramble the Hedgehog (Dr Kitty Cat series)6+
Clarke, JaneClover the Bunny (Dr Kitty Kat series)6+
Clarke, JanePeanut the Mouse (Dr Kitty Cat series)6+
Clarke, Jane and Lewis, JanNo Nits! (I Am Reading)6+
Cole, BabetteDr Dog5+
Collins, RossGerms5+
DeGezelle, TerriIllness (The Real Deal)10+
Donaldson, Julia and Monks, LydiaPrincess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox3+
Durand, Delphine and Moss, MiriamScritch scratch4+
Fine, Anne and Vulliamy, ClaraPoor Monty3+
Fox, Woody and Leigh, JennyEmma has measles3+
Fox, Woody and Leigh, JennyFranklin has conjunctivitis5+
Fox, Woody and Leigh, JennyHarriet has tonsillitis4+
Fox, Woody and Leigh, JennyLawrence has nits4+
Fox, Woody and Leigh, JennyMike has chicken-pox4+
Granstrom, Brita and Manning, MickI feel sick!4+
Gray, Kes and McQuillan, MaryWho's poorly too? - the 'get well soon' book3+
Gretz, SusannaTeddy bears and the cold cure3+
Hawkins, Colin and JacquiFoxy feels unwell3+
Hest, Amy and Jeram, AnitaDon't you feel well, Sam?2+
Horne, Sarah and Updale, Eleanoritch, scritch, scratch5+
McEwen, Katherine and Rowan, KateI know how we fight germs5+
Mockler, Joanna and Moss, MiriamSpotty Dotty3+
Murphy, Al and Woollard, ElliWoozy the Wizard: A Spell to Get Well3+
Nicoll, Helen and Pienkowski, JanMog's mumps2+
Plath, Sylvia and Quentin, BlakeThe bed book5+
Riddell, Edwina and Royston, AngelaGetting better3+
Royston, AngelaNits and Headlice (How's Your Health?)5+
Stephens, HelenBetsy Goes to the Doctor (Betsy First Experiences)3+
Teagaue, Mark and Yolen, JaneHow Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?3+
Weaver, LibbyNurse Diddy: The Chicken Pox Party2+