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Antony, SteveAmazing3+
Archer, EleanorCricketer7+
Berrington, Lesley and Middleton, KarenA Day at the Farm (Hattie and Friends)3+
Catchpole, James and George, KarenWhat Happened to You?4+
Chambers, Mark and Powell, JillianIt's Not Fair! ( Tilly & Todd)3+
Cherrington, ClareCalling Tracy8+
Delaunois, Angele and Delezenne, ChristineThe Little Yellow Bottle6+
Evans, Fran and Rainsbury, JulieCrab-boy Cranc8+
Howells, Graham and Sullivan, JennyTwo left feet6+
Kooij, Rachel Van and Parkinson, Siobhan (translator)Bartolome: The Infanta's Pet10+
Lowry, LoisGathering blue11+
McCombie, KarenLittle Bird Flies10+
Moore, IngaThe little apple tree4+
Munoz, Claudio and Newsome, JillDream dancer5+
Naidoo, Beverley and Rohr-Rouendaal, PetraLetang's new friend5+
Palmer, Brenda and Whitson, AndrewHands up for Andie5+
Pullein-Thompson, ChristineA pony in distress9+
Rosen, Michael and Ross, TonyMichael Rosen's Sticky McStickstick : the friend who helped me walk again4+
Ross, Tony and Whybrow, IanThrough the Cat-flap7+
Ryan, ChrisWar Dog (Edge: A Rivets Short Story)11+
Sutcliff, RosemaryWarrior Scarlet10+
Trajan, JacquieTumbleweed3+