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Letang's new friend ISBN: 9780582121546
Naidoo, Beverley and Rohr-Rouendaal, Petra
Published by Longman (Book Project), 1994
Letang has just arrived in the U.K. from Botswana. School here is going to be very different, and she faces her first day with trepidation. The children are kind for the most part, but Letang feels that her lips are 'glued together', and she doesn't know how to make friends. A snowstorm proves useful: as Letang becomes engrossed in helping build a snowman, she forgets her shyness. Julie, a child we have seen all through, who uses arm crutches, but joins in most activities happily, becomes her best friend. Physical disability in Julie is handled easily and naturally. One of the strengths of the story is the detailed, positive illustrations, showing not only Letang's present life in the U.K., but also flashbacks to her life in Botswana.
Age: 5+