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Splash ISBN: 9780755502851
Cashmore, Claire and Davey, Sharon
Published by HarperCollins Publishers, 2021
Written by Paralympics GB gold medallist Claire Cashmore, this story will help kids afraid of water have a reason to try it for themselves. The little girl in the story, who is also called Claire, has only one fully functioning arm, but is able to do all the things her two older sisters can do, such as climbing trees, playing dress-up, and doing cartwheels in the garden. But there is one thing that Claire won't do, and that is to go into the swimming pool with its 'swirly, squirmy water'. Her sisters, proud of Claire, are very encouraging, but it takes a lot of courage on her part to finally try a toe, a foot, a leg, and then 'with a very loud squeal, she is in!' She feels like a 'Superhero', having got over her fear, and her sisters are very happy too. Now the problem is to get her out of the pool, and she works very hard to get better and better at swimming, some days doing well and others having problems, but she doesn't give up, and 'whatever she can't do today...she will conquer tomorrow.' When she wins her first gold medal, there are congratulations all round and she knows that the hard work has paid off. Cheerful pictures of Claire and her sisters, and her determination are indicative of the fact that making dreams come true is not easy, but that with perseverance, it can pay off.
Age: 4+