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'Althea' and Cony, FrancesDyslexia8+
'Griff' and Dalton, AnnieLilac Peabody and Charlie Chase7+
Adeney, Anne and Smith, WendySkulduggery - a detective story9+
Al-Ghani, Haitham and Al-Ghani, K. I.Bertie Bumble Bee: Troubled by the Letter "B"4+
Bailey, Sian and May, PaulGreen fingers10+
Barraclough, SueI Know Someone with Dyslexia (Young Explorer: Understanding Health Issues)7+
Blake, Quentin and Dahl, RoaldThe Vicar of Nibbleswicke6+
Breslin, TheresaThe dream master10+
Breslin, TheresaWhispers in the graveyard10+
Childs, RobFootball daft9+
Childs, Rob and Rees, GaryMoving the Goalposts.9+
Clark, Lisabeth EmlynI Don't Like Reading5+
Dupasquier, Philippe and Fine, AnneHow to write really badly9+
Edwards, NicolaMy friend has dyslexia8+
Fox, Woody and Leigh, JennyBrian has dyslexia5+
Fuller, Rachel and Miles, LornaSam's Trouble with Words7+
Goodhart, Pippa and Lewis, AnthonyFlow9+
Hudson, EllaHudson Hates School6+
Hultquist, Alan M and Tulp, BillCan I Tell You About Dyslexia? A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals7+
Jarman, JuliaGhost writer10+
Lewis, Anthony and Tomlinson, TheresaErrand lass9+
Lewis, GillWhite Dolphin10+
McNeill, Julie, McNeill, Paul and Stone, RossieMission Dyslexia : Find Your Superpower and be Your Brilliant Self9+
Myers, Steve and Sanders, PeteLet's discuss dyslexia and associated difficulties9+
Oliver, Lin and Winkler, HenryHank Zipzer: I Got a "D" in Salami10+
Player, Stephen and Potts, StephenTommy trouble7+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineThe illustrated mum10+
Spilsbury, LouiseWhat does it mean to have dyslexia9+
Stevenson, Laura C.A castle in the window10+
Sullivan, JennyThe Great Cake Bake9+
Sullivan, JennyThe Great Granny Hunt9+
Wilson, JacquelineBad girls10+
Wiltshire, PaulaDyslexia11+