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Down's syndrome

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Anderson, Rachel and McNicholas, ShelaghBest friends6+
Archer, EleanorArtist7+
Bryan, JennyLiving with Down's Syndrome9+
Campos, Maria de FatimaVictoria's day4+
Church, Diane and Fairclough, ChrisAt the seaside6+
Elliott, Elizabeth and Thapp, ManjitCan I tell you about Down Syndrome?7+
Fair, SylviaBig talk10+
Foreman, Michael and Smiley, SophieBobby, Charlton and the mountain6+
Foreman, Michael and Smiley, SophieMan of the match7+
Fremaux, Charlotte and Stuve-Bodeen, StephanieThe best worst brother6+
Goodhart, PippaGinny's egg8+
Gough, Bryan and Woloson, ElizaMy friend Isabelle3+
McGahan, Pete and Rickert, Janet ElizabethRuss and the firehouse5+
Pitzer, Marjorie W.I can, can you?2+
Powell, JillianLuke has Down's syndrome6+
Roberts, MarkNight riders10+
Routh, KristinaDown's Syndrome (Need to know)10+
Royston, AngelaDown's Syndrome (Explaining)10+
Royston, AngelaDown's Syndrome (Young Explorer: What's it Like?)6+
Spilsbury, LouiseWhat does it mean to have Down's syndrome9+
Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie nd DeVito, PamWe'll paint the octopus red4+