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'Althea' and Clemence, RichardMy two families6+
Ahlberg, Allan and Wegner, FritzMs Cliff the climber5+
Bailey, Peter, Fisher, Chris and Ure, JeanSkinny Melon and me10+
Binch, Caroline and Hoffman, MaryGrace and family8+
Bradman, TonyAftershock!9+
Brooks, S.G. and Slater, David MichaelThe ring bear5+
Browne, Anthony and McAfee, AnnalenaThe visitors who came to stay6+
Bryant, AnnHealing the pain10+
Bryant, AnnOne mum too many10+
Caldecott, ElenHow Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant10+
Cassidy, CathyCherry Crush (The Chocolate Box Girls)10+
Ceulemans, Eglantine and Nadin, JoannaThe Stepmonster5+
Cooper, Floyd and Kurtz, JaneAlmaz and the lion6+
Cross, RhiannonThe dad dilemma11+
Dalton, Annie and GriffLilac Peabody and Honeysuckle Hope8+
Danziger, PaulaIt's an aardvark-eat-turtle world11+
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, JaneDealing with My Stepfamily5+
Dickinson, Heather and Stones, RosemaryMy stepfamily5+
Dunwoodie, HelenGhost on the loose10+
Ewen, Caroline and Hassall, AngelaElla Moves House3+
Fairclough, Chris and Hunter, RebeccaMy new dad3+
Fine, AnneGoggle-eyes10+
Fine, AnneStep by wicked step10+
Francis, JoStepfamily Adoption: What it is and what it means5+
Funke, CorneliaGhost Knight10+
Hewitt, SallyMy Step Family (How Can I Deal With?)6+
Hooper, MaryMad about the boy11+
Johnson, JulieMy stepfamily6+
Johnson, JulieOur Stepfamily (Thoughts and Feelings)6+
Kemp, Gene and Viccars, PeterThe hairy hands10+
Kendal, PennyThe weekend ghost10+
Levete, SarahTalking about step families6+
MacLachlan, PatriciaSarah, plain and tall7+
Martin, Ann M.Dawn's wicked stepsister10+
McKay, HilaryThe Time of Green Magic10+
Milne, Terry and Nimmo, JennyDog Star6+
Moon, PatDo Not Read: Or Else! (Finch's Secret Diaries)10+
Myers, Steve and Sanders, PeteStepfamilies10+
Nimmo, JennyGriffin's Castle9+
Plaisted, CarolineNo way am I living with her!11+
Powell, JillianMy New Dad
Rees, GwynethSomething secret10+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineKaty9+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineLizzie Zipmouth7+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineThe Longest Whale Song9+
Sullivan, JennyThe Great Cake Bake9+
Sullivan, JennyThe Great Granny Hunt9+
Townson, HazelYour dad, my mum10+
Wilde, NicholasThe eye of the storm10+
Wilson, JacquelineCandyfloss10+
Wilson, JacquelineDouble act9+