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Ella Moves House ISBN: 9781848530065
Ewen, Caroline and Hassall, Angela
Published by Tamarind Books, 2010
Ella and her mum live in a flat in a city. It is just the right size for them, along with Mollie, Ella's doll, and her favourite stuffed animals. But when Joe, Mum's 'special friend' moves in, there is no longer enough space, and Ella is very negative about Joe's arrival. She refuses to enjoy his overtures of friendship, his juggling of doughnuts, his swinging her round and round, his cooking special meals, and his flying a kite with her. She really becomes seriously unpleasant, and when mum announces they are to move to a house, and that Joe is coming too, Ella is horrified. She refuses to help pack and announces she doesn't like new houses. During the move, Mollie is dropped in the street and a large dog snatches her up and runs off with her. It is Joe who chases after, and by feeding the dog doughnuts, gets back the doll. Ella is instantly happy again and learns to accept Joe in her life. The ending may be a little too easy, but certainly children facing a new stepfather will find Ella's emotional reactions quite realistic. Ella's family is black, and the comic-style pictures show us lots about her life.
Age: 3+