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Speech problems

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Brearley, Sue and Matthews, JennyTalk to me6+
Coelho, Joseph and Colpoys, AllisonMy Beautiful Voice6+
Cottrell, Sue and Khan, SophieCan I Tell You About Stammering?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals9+
Hopper, Karina and MacDonald, LisaMouth and Tongue Let's Have Some Fun!2+
Hughes, JackSteggie's Stammer (Dinosaur Friends)3+
Kemp, GeneThe turbulent term of Tyke Tiler10+
Nikapota, Anula and Pearlman, CorinnePeaches - the puppy who screeches4+
Scott, Jordan and Smith, SydneyI Talk Like a River6+
Slater, KimA Seven-Letter Word11+
Ure, JeanCool Simon9+
Yoon, SalinaBe a Friend6+