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Anderson, RachelBlack water11+
Bender, LionelEpilepsy (Explaining)10+
Elliot-Wright, SusanEpilepsy11+
Fine, Anne (and others)Day by day by me8+
Glynne, Andy and Maldonado, SalvadorSummer's Story - Living with Epilepsy (Living with Illness)6+
Hellier, Scott and Lambert, KateCan I Tell You About Epilepsy?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals7+
Howard, EllenEdith herself9+
Keaney, BrianFalling for Joshua11+
Levene, AnnaMy friend has epilepsy8+
Llewellyn, ClaireThe facts about epilepsy10+
Llewellyn, KarenMy mum has epilepsy6+
Parker, VicI Know Someone with Epilepsy (Young Explorer: Understanding Health Issues)7+
Pullein-Thompson, DianaThe long ride home10+
Routh, KristinaEpilepsy (Need to Know)11+
Westcott, PatsyLiving with Epilepsy7+