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Andreae, Giles, Cronin, Janet and Williams, ChrissieYoung person's guide to lymphoma11+
Bailey, Peter and Stokes, Julie A.The Secret C – Straight Talking About Cancer6+
Barraclough, SueI Know Someone with Cancer (Young Explorer: Understanding Health Issues)7+
Bearison, David J.'They never want to tell you' - children talk about cancer10+
Bingham, JaneStories About Surviving Cancer (Real Life Heroes)10+
Blunt, Megan and Burke, ChrisChemotherapy, cakes and cancer10+
Brackenborough, Michelle and Elson, JaneA Room Full of Chocolate10+
Bright, JessSister, Sister10+
Chilman-Blair, Dr Kim and Taddeo, JohnWhat's up with Richard? Medikidz Explain Leukemia11+
Christopher, LucyFlyaway11+
Davies, PaulJamie Drum's massive recovery10+
Desjardins, India, Ferrer, Marianne and Ouellet, SolangeA Story About Cancer (With a Happy Ending)11+
Dunmore, HelenFatal error9+
Dunmore, HelenThe silver bead10+
Gaines, Arlen Grad and Polsky, Meredith EnglanderI Have a Question About Cancer5+
Gemeinhart, DanThe Honest Truth11+
Gilland, Asa and Welsh, Clare HelenThe Perfect Shelter5+
Gillespie, JoannaBrave heart8+
Gillespie, JoanneWell, I'm still here10+
Gillie, OliverCancer (Need to know)11+
Gilman, DavidMonkey and Me9+
Gleitzman, MorrisTwo weeks with the Queen10
Glynne, Andy and Jain, NanditaNaomi’s Story Living with Leukaemia6+
Lamb, KirstenCancer11+
Moral, Rocio Del, Slosse, Nathalie and Smid, EmmiBig Tree is Sick: A Story to Help Children Cope with the Serious Illness of a Loved One2+
Nicholls, SallyWays to Live Forever11+
Royston, AngelaCancer (Young Explorer: What's it Like?)6+
Smith, Rebecca and Waring, ZoeSuperDaisy5+
Vercoe, ElizabethKeep your hair on!11+
Westcott, PatsyLiving with Leukaemia9+