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Aldridge, Jo and Deacon, Jack AldridgeCan I Tell You About Being a Young Carer8+
Arsenault, Isabelle and Maclear, KyoVirginia Wolf6+
Averiss, Corrinne and Follath, IsabelleJoy3+
Bashford, Helen and Scott-Skinner, RussellPerry Panda: A Story about Parental Depression3+
Bates, Dianne and Rippin, SallyThe shape9+
Bingham, JaneStress and Depression11+
Cannon, KatyLove, Lies and Lemon Pies11+
Carnavas, PeterThe Elephant7+
Cherrington, ClareCalling Tracy8+
Clare, Horatio and Matthews, JaneAubrey and the Terrible Yoot10+
Dowrick, Christopher and Martin, SusanCan I tell you about Depression?9+
Gliori, DebiNight Shift: An insight into depression that words often struggle to reach11+
Howe, CathElla on the Outside10+
Jones, LloydThe Princess and the Fog: A Story for Children with Depression4+
Knightsmith, Pooky and Stevens, LizaNot Today, Celeste!: A Dog's Tale about Her Human's Depression4+
Littlewood, Karin, Peters, Andrew Fusek and Peters, PollyColour Thief: A Family's Story of Depression6+
Lo, CharlotteWe Won an Island9+
Newboult, MirandaEmma's Stormy Summer9+
O'Flynn, CatherineLori and Max9+
Pielichaty, HelenaJade's story10+
Redford, Ali and Simpson, KaraThe Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself6+
Rees, GwynethMy mum's from Planet Pluto11+
Shreve, SusanBlister10+
Tan, ShaunThe Red Tree9+