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Ollie and the trainers ISBN: 9780749731090 (ppbk)
Anderson, Rachel and Cox, Ken
Published by: 
  • Heinemann, 1997 (ISBN: 9780434979394 (hdbk))
  • Egmont (ISBN: 9780749731090 (ppbk))
Ollie has two miseries in his life. One is that he has no super, hi-tech trainers, and the other is that he cannot read. His single parent dad can't afford the trainers, and Ollie's reading problem seems to be a mental block. He is teased at school about both problems, but the reading lady who gives him special support is very understanding. She sends him to a shop where trainers are cheap, and he comes away with a magic pair that can talk. Peter and Paul (the trainers) help Ollie to see the words all around him, and he is soon reading. Suddenly the trainers don't fit any more and must be taken back to the shop. The point of the story seems to be that the solution to the reading problem lies within Ollie himself, and once he knows this, the block is removed. Brightly coloured, comic style illustrations; largish print; easy-read.
Age: 6+