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Friends everywhere ISBN: 9780743408325
Klementz-Harte, Lauren and Napoli, Donna Jo
Published by Pocket Books (Angel Wings series), 2000
This series of books with chatty, cheeky little angels who earn their wings by helping children in diverse ways may be a tad twee for some, but the description of how it feels to be deaf is spot on in this one. We don't learn for a little while that Patricia is deaf. We do know that she is moving from her beloved farm to a flat in a big city, and she's worried about making friends. The girl across the hall is friendly at first, but as they can't communicate, she treats Patricia like a baby. It develops that both Patricia's parents are deaf too; her father can lip read and speak, but she and her mum only use American sign language. The Little Angel of Friendship and his mentor the archangel not only help Patricia make friends, but they also help her to see the reasons why other people might find her disability hard to handle. The American sign language alphabet is given at the end.
Age: 6+