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Falling into fear ISBN: 9781904529125
Colledge, Anne
Published by Back to Front, 2004
Anne Colledge writes books with deaf children as protagonists. In this one, Catherine uses hearing aids, and with them she hears reasonably well. She also lip reads. The story itself has little to do with Catherine's deafness. She has other problems. Her mum is seriously ill, dad has left home, and she and brother Henry have been sent to Newcastle to stay with gran and grandad. Catherine begins to experience time-slips, first to the Second World War when she becomes an evacuee, and, later, experiences a bomb; next she finds herself in a late Nineteenth Century school, helping the children with their work and putting out a fire. Roman times come next, where Catherine is a slave and finds her mistress' lost ring. An encounter with a wolf family and then another in the middle ages with a deer and her fawn bring her time-slip episodes to a close. A new friend, James, also deaf, teaches her sign language, and together they foil a thief. The style of writing is sometimes choppy and episodic, but Catherine is a spunky heroine, who learns to face her family problems in the present because of her experiences in the past - and who certainly doesn't let her hearing problems get her down! The book is nicely produced, with an excellent cover and cream paper that makes reading easy. However, I felt that the detail could have been expanded - the book is only 56 pages long. Nevertheless, the adventures are exciting, and Catherine and James make good role models.
Age: 9+