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The day Ravi smiled ISBN: 9781870516761
Harley, Kim and Lobel, Gillian
Published by Tamarind, 2005
A lovely story about Penniwells Riding Centre for the Disabled in Hertfordshire. Told by Joylyn, one of the children who goes to Penniwells each Saturday, the book tells us about the different horses she knows and loves and about the different children who use the facilities. She herself is in a wheelchair, and there is Emily who doesn't talk much but sings her own songs, Michael who is partially sighted, and Ravi, who is probably autistic and will have nothing to do with either horses or people. The main part of the story is about a hot summer day when a thunderstorm causes Joy to be thrown from her horse, and Ravi actually smiles for the first time and looks directly at Joy when he runs to help her. This is quite a moving short book with illustrations in both colour and black and white, and Joy is a modern miss with an active life style and a fun sense of humour.
Age: 7+