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Special stories for disability awareness ISBN: 9781843103905
Leicester, Mal
Published by Jessica Kingsley, 2007
While this is really a book for teachers, aimed at helping children understand disability, the eight stories around which the lessons and activities are planned make it aimed at children too. The author makes the point in a general introduction that the stories make the disabled child neither a hero nor a victim. They show children facing emotions and problems in the same way as their peers. The eight stories include: an adventure with Tom and his guide dog; Ellie who has co-ordination problems because of a brain tumour and cannot tie shoe laces (she must cope with a teacher who is set on proper school uniform); Jack who walks with sticks and is bullied at school; twins Harry and Connor who have ADHD and make life difficult for their sister; Amy who is deaf but can lip read and use signing; Ravi who has Asperger syndrome and must learn how to buy proper Divali gifts for his family; Charlotte who uses a wheel chair and must cope with an American cousin who begins by being negative; Max who is an EBD child (emotionally and behaviourally disturbed) and very difficult until he meets and learns to care for another child. These are strong, well-written stories in their own right, and there is a great deal of work based on each story, including pictures for colouring. An essential book for schools but could well be used at home too. Available from Amazon, from bookshops, or from the publisher at
Age: 5+