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I'm special ISBN: 9780750223577
Gordon, Mike and Green, Jen
Published by Wayland (Your Feelings series), 1999

Sarah is special because she uses a wheelchair; Jo is special too. She is good at maths and science even though she is partially sighted. Ben has to use a hearing aid, but he is also a champion swimmer. They each have their special talents as well as their special problems. We see them doing all sorts of things and talking about their feelings. These emotions are just like everyone else's, and they think of their disabilities as part of normal life. We meet some 'special' grown-ups too and see how well they cope in the working world. There are two pages of notes for parents and teachers which should be particularly useful in school, and there is also a list of further reading. The comic style, brightly coloured pictures are expressive, particularly the emotions in the faces, and add much to the whole.
Age: 6+