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We're talking about disability ISBN: 9780750218627
Bryan, Jenny
Published by Wayland, 1996
The emphasis here is on providing the disabled with a normal life. A good chapter on special equipment and another on getting help, which explains the services offered by a number of UK organizations, are particularly useful. Case studies of four children, Cathy who is partially-sighted, Michael who is deaf, Nicky with learning problems, and Mark who uses a wheelchair, show us some of their problems as well as their talents. There is lots about the disabled being bullied or treated with a lack of understanding, and the need for patience. One particular feature is a page o pictures wherein the reader is asked to find ways that specific places (a street scene and a theatre) might be made more user-friendly to the disabled. A glossary and a list of books are included. Thought provoking and useful.
Age: 9+