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Birthday party ISBN: 9780749636722
Church, Diane and Fairclough, Chris
Published by Franklin Watts (Friends series), 2000
Alex is allergic to nuts. In this story we see Alex, her mum and her best friend Ruby, shopping for food for Alex's birthday party. The importance of checking food labels is emphasised, and we see the girls and mum making cakes at home so they can be sure of the ingredients. Alex shows Ruby her Epipen kit and how she would use it if she had an allergic reaction. The emphasis is on how ordinary life can be for someone with food allergies. A colourful border of presents and cakes adds to the optimistic feel of the book, and the photographs show us happy children enjoying a birthday party. There is a page of facts about food allergies, a glossary, a list of ways to be helpful, and a list of useful organisations.
Age: 6+