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Mark Spark in the dark ISBN: 9780140367904
Matthews, Bethan and Wilson, Jacqueline
Published by: 
  • Hamish Hamilton, 1993 
  • Puffin, 1994 (ISBN: 9780140367904)
Mark is a 'sparky' little boy, full of energy. He and his well-loved great gran (who is blind) support each other in the two stories in this book. In the second story Mark is invited to his friend's birthday treat - a sleep-out in her tent. Mark has never admitted to anyone that he is afraid of the dark, but he and gran come up with an excuse so that he doesn't have to go. At gran's house, where he spends the night instead, he rescues her in the garden in the dark, and discovers it is not so scary after all. Black and white illustrations.
Age: 6+