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The monster storm ISBN: 9780862645533
Varley, Susan and Willis, Jeanne
Published by Andersen, 1995

Dennis the monster was five and a bit And not very scary, I have to admit. In fact, Dennis is a remarkably good little monster. But when a thunderstorm comes along, he is frightened and decides to scare it off by making lots of noise. Taking his mum's pans, he climbs to the top of a hill and begins to bash. But he gets a saucepan stuck on his head, and the rumpus he makes frightens a small rabbit trying to sleep. Mummy rabbit assures her little one that the noise couldn't possibly be a monster as monsters are make-believe. Then they go to see..... I think the message is that monsters are quite as vulnerable as the rest of us. An interesting twist, and the illustrations are outstanding.
Age: 3+