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The owl who was afraid of the dark ISBN: 9781405221825
Howard, Paul and Tomlinson, Jill
Published by: 
  • Egmont (ISBN: 9781405210935)
  • Egmont (ISBN: 9781405240758)
  • Egmont (ISBN: 9781405221825)
The text is an abridged version of Tomlinson's original classic, but the new illustrations are glorious! Plop, the baby barn owl, is afraid of the dark, but little by little, as his flying skills grow stronger and he asks all sorts of people why they like the dark, he learns to love it too. It is a black cat who finally convinces him that dark is beautiful, and he flies off to hunt with his parents. The soft focus illustrations, full of warmth and muted colours, show us a most endearing little owl and will provide reasons for reassurance for the most fearful of little people. The original story is still available too. Check under title in your local bookshop.
Age: 3+