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Where the fairies fly ISBN: 9781841217697
Simmons, Jane
Published by Orchard, 2001
Lucy loves telling stories, and when little brother Jamie is frightened at night, Lucy takes him and her Bear and his Floppy Rabbit to 'the land where the fairies fly'. In a cumulative story, the children meet various animals who try to help them sleep, but it is only when they and their accompanying animals go 'down into the forest, deep down to where the shadows grow' that they find the Dreamtime Fairies. As they swoop and dance and play with the fairies, Lucy explains, 'There's no need to be afraid of the shadows, Jamie. Because that's where the Dreamtime Fairies fly.' Soon they are sound asleep, tucked in their own bed. The beautiful soft colours in this outstanding picture book, accompany rounded, comforting shapes that will provide abundant reassurance to fearful youngsters.
Age: 2+