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Cassie and the kiss soldier ISBN: 9781843623595
Cabban, Vanessa and Rose, Marion
Published by Orchard, 2005
When Cassie's grandpa says it's time for bed, Cassie doesn't want to go. 'There's a scary thing living under it' she says. Grandpa says he is sure she is brave, but Cassie insists he must stay with her. Grandpa then thinks up the perfect solution: he plants a kiss on the bed post, calling it a kiss soldier, and the soldier will look after her. Which he does in a delightful way. The soldier comes alive and goes to investigate the noise under the bed - who turns out to be a sad and frightened fluff dragon, afraid of the scary thing living over it. Cassie gives the cuddly fluff dragon his own kiss soldier, and they both settle down for the night. This is such a lovely, endearing story, full of soft nighttime colours and reassuring pictures of a child's untidy room. The perfect antidote to night fears.
Age: 3+