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Tom's afraid of the dark ISBN: 9780751314427
Robbins, Beth and Stuart, Jon
Published by Dorling Kindersley (It's Okay series), 2001
Tom and Ally are kittens. When mum and dad announce it's bedtime, they beg for just five more minutes to play. It is apparent that Tom isn't happy about the dark, and after the kittens have got ready and had a story (about monsters), Tom feels nervous. 'Are there really monsters?' 'Only in your imagination,' dad says. But Tom doesn't understand 'imagination', and when the lights are out, his begins to work overtime. When he begins to cry, mum and dad come quickly, and dad takes him out to see the stars and tells him he used to be afraid too. Imagination is finally explained, and Tom learns to use his in happy ways. This little picture book explains fear of the dark in the most basic and reassuring way, and the plasticine-like figures in the illustrations are cuddly and warm. Excellent!
Age: 3+