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Jack's bed ISBN: 9781405220064
Beardshaw, Rosalind and Rickards, Lynne
Published by Egmont (Green Bananas series), 2006
Three short chapters in this easily read book bring us Jack and his worries. In the first, he doesn't want to go to bed, and a cheerful mum and dad manage him nicely, even his concerns about monsters. In the second, Jack wakes up and is afraid, so he crawls in with mum and dad. Mum decides to get something that will encourage him to stay in his own bed - a furry, leopard with a hot water bottle inside. The leopard is on the watch for monsters and Jack stays in his own bed. The third story is not about fears, but deals with Jack's imaginative adventures with his furry leopard. The cheerful, chalky pictures with speech bubbles will appeal, and one of the strengths of these stories is that Jack's fears, while real, are minimised. It won't scare children.
Age: 3+