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The monster book of horrible horrors ISBN: 9780370324722
Paul, Korky and Piquemal, Michel
Published by Bodley Head, 1995

Every kind of monster is here - and in brilliant colour. Ogres, giants, vampires, spooks - all are invited to a party. All except Alf the Elf. He decides to go to the party hidden in King Kong's hair and to spoil the monsters' plans to scare children. He is discovered and almost eaten, but saves himself by producing a mouse, which scares the assembled monsters out of their wits. What I do next is this (just look) I make them pictures in this book! That's how I stop their horrid caper - Turn them into bits of paper! Which means the child can firmly close the book each night and tie it with the thoughtfully provided ribbon ties, making it impossible for the monsters to escape. Clever and witty, and the pictures are superb. But care should be taken with younger children.
Age: 5+