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Mona the monster girl ISBN: 9780735819450
Dusikova, Maja and Petz, Moritz
Published by North-South, 2004
Mona is a small cuddly monster, very much afraid of children, and when day comes, she doesn't want to go to bed. 'What if there is a scary child hiding under my bed?' Mummy monster is reassuring: 'There are no such things as children'. But Mona is still worried, and when two little faces appear through the trap door in her attic home, she is terrified, So are they, and everyone screams. But it soon develops that children are rather fun, and the three of them play games and tricks on their mothers, who can't see the make-believe 'others'. Mona no longer has 'daymares' and sleeps happily, dreaming of her friends. The illustrations are superb, full of warmth and happy children/monsters. Lovely fun.
Age: 3+