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After-school monster ISBN: 9780718828646
Moss, Marissa
Published by Lutterworth Press, 1992
This one is for children who have to come home to an empty house after school. Luisa finds a monster behind the front door. He is huge and purple and threatens 'to crunch, to munch, to eat you for my lunch'. He chases her about, and they wreck the house. She finally suggests that he go next door where there are twins. No, he says, they have their own monster. Luisa takes a stand: 'I'm strong inside and you can't get have your monster, and I'm it!' So she chases him, and he gets smaller and smaller until she can throw him in the dustbin. Then Luisa calmly tidies the house and waits for mum. Strong pictures; lots of purple. Luisa is brown, probably Mexican-American.
Age: 5+