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Life story work - what it is and what it means ISBN: 9781903699898
Argent, Hedi and Shah, Shaila
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), 2006
This detailed pamphlet begins with an explanation of what life story work means. It goes on to explain the different forms life story work can take - a diary, a box for treasures, an autobiography, a scrapbook, etc. The main emphasis is on making a book: Why would a child want to make one? When would he or she make it? Who would help? We meet Sam, who is 7 and making a book with his social worker. Sam is living with a foster family and will soon be adopted, and we learn how he goes about his work. We also meet Rina who didn't want to make a book but liked to make maps, and Martina who opted for a treasure box instead. Lots of photographs and diagrams help the information along, and there are spaces for the child to write his or her own ideas. This booklet is very much intended for use with individual children, and as such will prove useful to foster parents, adoptive parents and social workers. Available from BAAF Publications, 6-10 Kirby Street, Saffron House, London EC1N 8TS or
Age: 8+