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Noko and the night monster ISBN: 9780711216945
Moodie, Fiona
Published by Frances Lincoln, 2001
This unusual story puts night fears into perspective. Takadu, an aardvark, and Noko, a porcupine, live together in a little house somewhere in Africa. The end papers give us a lovely map, full of exotic places such as Pangolin Place and The Valley of 1000 Anthills. Takadu is happy most of the time, but he becomes very frightened at night. He is sure there is a night monster outside, and one day he draws a picture of it for Noko. With the help of friends, Noko concocts a night monster like Takadu's picture, and Takadu, believing Noko to be in danger, bravely attacks the beast. When he discovers the fraud, Takado is very cross, but soon forgives his friend when he realises he is no longer frightened. Then they all have a party. The illustrations and the setting for this story are equally imaginative and great fun.
Age: 4+