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A medal for Poppy ISBN: 9781841212449
Impey, Rose and Rayner, Shoo
Published by Orchard (Colour Crackers series), 2003
Poppy the pig is very, very brave. Each of the other animals on the farm is fearful of something: sheep of the farm dogs, of bright lights and loud noises - even her own shadow; horse, of thunderstorms; cow, of the dark. Plucky Poppy always seems bravely to save the day. BUT...secretly, Poppy is afraid of water. She won't go near the farm pond. When she consults wise Goat about her fear, she discovers that everyone is scared of something, and the really brave people (or animals) are the ones who don't show it, who face up to their fears. Gradually, Poppy works her way nearer and nearer to the pond until she can sit on the edge with her friends. Then along comes baby Lucy-Anne and falls in. Almost without thinking, Poppy swims for the baby and saves her. While most children who are afraid of the water won't have to rescue anyone, the idea of gradually working one's way towards one's fears is a valid one, and the comic illustrations will greatly appeal.
Age: 4+