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Bedtime for Frances ISBN: 9780099432456
Hoban, Russell and Williams, Garth
Published by Red Fox, 2001
A new edition of a real classic about bedtime fears. The little girl badger, Frances, cannot sleep, and because she is wide-awake, she sees and hears things that she doesn't like. Each time something frightens her, she goes to tell her parents, more as an excuse to get out of bed, than because of real fright. When she finally wakens her father from a sound sleep, she is told she will be smacked if it happens again, and when she hears a moth bumping against the window, she works out for herself what it is and finally falls asleep. Frances is supposedly a badger, but is, in fact, a highly intelligent little girl. Children identify with her easily and enjoy her antics, and this story is particularly honest in that even the most patient parent comes to the point of saying enough is enough.
Age: 4+