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The knight who was afraid of the dark ISBN: 9780862642525
Hazen, Barbara Shook and Ross, Tony
Published by Andersen Press
Sir Fred is bold and brave, except at night. Then he must have candles and fireflies and his pet electric eel to keep him company. Melvin the Miffed, castle bully, suspects the truth and decides to make trouble between Sir Fred and his True Love, Lady Wendylyn. He persuades Lady Wendylyn to set up a tryst at midnight, but his wicked plans go awry when Sir Fred plucks up courage and brings his fireflies and pet eel with him. It is then Lady Wendylyn's turn to be frightened because she hates bugs and slithery things. Sir Fred confesses his fears - his bravest deed - and he and his True Love decide that love helps conquer fears. Richly comic.
Age: 4+